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Breaking Up Is Hard to Do, And Now You Want to Buy a House??

Seems that, before the sheets are even cold, the first thing people want to do after a split is buy another house. While understandable, this is a wee bit premature. Here's why.

Unless your ex is 100 miles in the rear-view mirror, legally and on paper, no lender within a country mile is going to give you a mortgage. That is, the break-up must be final, final, final.

If you're separated but not divorced, then you must have a separation agreement in place. Got kiddos? Childcare arrangements must be figured out with a lawyer as well.

And yes, you must lawyer up even if things are 'amicable' and you both agree to fully adult your way through this mess. Here is a brief summary of the whys and what-fors on what to do before you apply for a mortgage.



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