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If you can't qualify for the mortgage you need, then 'the best rate' doesn't matter

Admit it: are you a little obsessed with interest rates? It's understandable if you are. Most Canadian borrowers can think of little else as they battle housing affordability, inflation, and other economic uncertainties that are making it so hard to get ahead.

But we need to change the channel on the 'rate' conversation. Because for the vast majority of mortgage applications, the interest rate is absolutely not the most important thing. In fact, asking 'What is your best rate?' is the wrong question, period.

Instead of zeroing in on the latest interest rates posted online, you should be asking your broker or bank instead:

How much mortgage can I get...

to buy the type of property I want...

given my unique finances and circumstances?

Indeed, that question isn't as seductive as 'What is your best rate!?' However, it's the smart question, and in the end, you'll get the best interest rate possible anyway.

Here's how this works...

If have questions about the type of mortgage (and rate!) you can get to buy a home or refinance your existing one, give me a call. We can help!



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