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Keeping Money Secrets from Your REALTOR® Will Cost You. So Spill It!

The real estate market remains strong in Alberta, and there's a lot of panic buying going on. However it's not necessary. (There is enough inventory to go around!)

When a homebuyer charges ahead to buy a home without the REALTOR® money talk FIRST (read: get pre-approved!), bad things happen. Chaos ensues. Hearts are broken. Money and time are wasted. No one is happy.

All of this is preventable, my friends! Just be upfront with your agent before you go house hunting. The best Realtors in the land will have the tough love conversations with you about a mortgage and point you toward a great broker 😇

PS: Big 🖤 to my Realtor friends on this topic. You work your tails off and truly want your buyers to succeed!



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