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The silver bullet to problem-solve anything in any market, mortgages included

Since the pandemic ended, a new 'epidemic' has washed over the burning hot Alberta economy. That is, service providers are trying to solve for world peace by way of text and email (if they answer email at all). As a society we've collectively retreated into our screens where customers are silenced and can only pose their most sensitive questions into the soulless, black void of the world wide web.

Too many service providers of all stripes--including mortgage brokers, Realtors, lawyers and home inspectors--now believe this is how best to communicate with customers and stakeholders.

It's a shame. Because there is a better way to get a mortgage, to buy a home, to accomplish just about anything, really. It just requires a little focus and a touch of courage. Are you ready for this?

Pick. Up. The. Phone.

Yep, that's it, friends. Harken back to the olden days when people used live, voice-to-voice conversation to get things done. Problems got solved. Relationships were built. 5-star reviews abound. And customer loyalty ensued.

We've left this all behind for the much touted 'efficiency' of electronic communications. This makes no sense in a real estate market where there are quite literally no easy deals. No slam dunks. No quick financing (!!) and hardly a fabulous and affordable home to be found.

In my 10+ years as a real estate agent and now as a mortgage broker, I cannot count how many 'deals' I've saved by picking up the phone and having a short conversation. So easy. So simple. So ... humane.

Tough truth: if you're not picking up the phone to talk to customers and stakeholders, you're not providing service. You're simply taking money from strangers.

Seems that a lot of folks don't wanna talk. And that's okay. All the more clients for those of us who like the sound of someone else's voice. It's very productive.



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